Columnist Believes the Penalty for Abortion Should Be Death By Hanging


A National Review columnist who has made a career out of failing to be Ann Coulter made some bowties spin this weekend with comments that because he believes abortion is murder, all of the whorebags who get them should be hanged just like in the old Wild West.

The former unhugged child, who gets paid (I guess) to try to convince liberal bloggers to get mad at him at the country’s leading outlet for conservative thought, engaged in a thirsty as hell Twitter exchange over what he thinks the penalty should be for abortion. His stance: Kill ’em. Kill ’em via hanging. Both the Pregnants and their Doctors.

The response to that nutbaggery was, as responses on Twitter tend to be, nuts. But he’s sticking to his guns with the sort of fervor reserved for someone who has no idea how he sounds to other people.

Giving people like this a name check or a link only serves to encourage them, so I won’t be naming or linking our Captain Hang ‘Em High. Suffice to say, if he were a woman, his critics would call him “hysterical” and “shrill.” Recent topics he’s yelled about include: how New York Magazine‘sJonathan Chait is a big meanie because of a piece Suzy Khimm wrote that made our National Review columnist friend sound dumb, how people who learn about news by watching The Daily Show and Colbert Report should not be allowed to vote (classic complaints of the bitter and unfunny), and how the campus rape epidemic is just crazy ladies acting crazy (lying) also something something feminist conspiracy. Past greatest hits include a piece on how Mitt Romney must be manly because he has so many sons. Best moment in his career: when he revealed that he thinks girls pee from their buttholes.

Jesus. Two holes? Butt pee? With this sort of anatomical expertise, at least we know this dude isn’t getting anybody pregnant anytime soon.

Image via Fox News

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