Coming This Fall: A Show About A Philandering Politician And His Loyal Wife


This fall, CBS will air the drama The Good Wife, about a politician’s wife (Julianna Margulies) who has to deal with the aftermath of her husband’s (Chris Noth) sex scandal. It’s just like real life!

Like Dina McGreevey and Silda Spitzer before her, in the first episode, Margulies stands by her man during a press conference in which he denies allegations of trading political favors for financial and sexual ones. (He also has a penchant for prostitutes.) Eventually he gets locked up, and his wife has to pick up the pieces and go back to work to support her family. She’s a lawyer — just like Hillary! — who goes to work at a firm run by Christine Baranski, a ball-buster who brings her lapdog to the office.

It’s kind of amazing that this is such a seeming trend that it warranted an entire series. Maybe it could even work its way up to becoming a genre, like mob movies?

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