Comment Of The Day: A List Of Approved Extracurricular Activities For Teachers


Today we learned about a teacher who’s in trouble for writing erotica in her spare time. PrisonBreakShaker wants to ensure this never happens again!:

I don’t know about you guys, but I want the school marms teaching my children to be asexual spinsters and nothing more! In fact, I will be making a list of approved and unapproved activities for them to engage in during their rare free moments! Getting coffee is fine, but Starbucks is FAR too decadent- and have you seen that mermaid on the cup? coughslutcough. Sports are tricky, because you don’t want them playing anything that might make them a lesbian, but if they want to ice-skate or something, you have those slutty outfits you need to steer them clear of. Can’t we just put them all on a commune, removed from human eyes? And of COURSE, males in the teaching field should just be eliminated!

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