Comment Of The Day: A Lively Chat With Sarah Palin


Why is Sarah Palin starting to wear on conservatives’ nerves? SkaHimself has an idea:

Conservatives loves Sarah Palin because she annoyed liberals.
Right. Because having a debate with her, or anyone who liked her, was like having a debate with … fuck, I can’t even think of a decent analogy:
Me: Sarah, You do realize that no matter what you believe 2+2 will always and forever equal 4, correct?
SP: I like turtles!
Me: That’s great Sarah. But back to the discussion at hand …
SP: Have you seen my baseball?
Me: *sigh* No Sarah, I haven’t seen your baseball. I’ll help you look for it in a bit, but first I’d like to discuss your opinion on 2+2…
SP runs over to iPod dock and hits play. “I like Big Butts” by Sir Mix-A-Lot starts to fill the room. She comes back to the table and pulls a 1 gallon ziplock bag out of her bra. It looks like it’s full of cocaine. She dumps the bag out on the table and starts cutting up lines as thick and long as Glen Rice’s middle finger
SP:We’re goin’ snowsleddin’ baby!
Me: Sarah, do you really think you shou-
SP: FUCKING MEETINGS!!!! RAAWWARGGHH. I HATE fucking meetings. Don’t these dipshits know that God Loves ME! It’s on my fucking screensaver fer chrissake!
Me: Sarah! You’re kids re in the next room!
SP: Fuck ’em! No good worthless POS’s! Toss ’em some Mac N’ Cheese. Trig’ll whip that up right quick. There’s no freeloadin’ off ol’ Sarah. Them kids need to earn their keep.
Me: Umm, ok … but I’d like to get back to our earlier discussio-
SP: ARRGHH!!! It Burns!! Fawk! Todd and I cut this with our own diesel / gas mix from the pipeline we got runnin’ out back plus a little wolf blood. Someone needs to show them furry bitches whose boss.

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