Comment Of The Day: Even Bachmann Acknowledges That Winter Is Coming


News of Michele Bachmann’s forthcoming book inspired drunkexpatwriter to file a report on the state of the campaign.

She also has a new campaign director:
(AP) — Leading GOP primary candidates and their representatives yesterday attacked upstart primary challenger Rick Perry for his comments calling climate change a “myth.”
“Despite the governor’s irresponsible rhetoric it has been clear for quite some time that winter is coming,” said Lysa Arryn, the recently appointed director of Michele Bachmann’s campaign. “We feel that the governor’s comments are simply meant to stir up the far right of the party and curry sentiment against limousine liberals from Winterfell. Our campaign will not stoop to that level.”
In a rare moment of conciliation Khal Drogo, who currently has a slight lead in the campaign, agreed with Arryn.
“Climate change is real,” Drogo said. “It is known.”
Drogo’s main opponent, Tywin Lannister, Lord of Casterly Rock, Shield of Lannisport and Warden of the West, flew into a rage when asked about Perry’s comments.
“Rick Perry is a traitor who threatened to pull his bannerman out of service to the seven kingdoms,” Lannister said. “His head belongs on a pike next to those of the socialist traitors who supported Eddard Stark after his betrayal of our once proud nation. Rick Perry hates freedom and should be stripped of his land and titles.”
Perry said the attacks didn’t phase him.
“Appointing Lady Arryn as campaign director is clearly nothing but pandering to the La Leche League,” Perry said. “Khal Drogo has yet to provide a birth certificate proving he is a citizen of the seven kingdoms and Lannister represents exactly the type of irresponsible lending practices that created our current national deficit.”
Perry then repeated his assertions that money currently being used to study climate change would be better spent fortifying the wall that separates the country from the unknown hordes south of our border.
“Climate change is junk science,” Perry said. “We need to follow the traditions and beliefs that made this country great and be prepared for the zombie hordes who will one day attempt to climb the wall and take jobs away from the living.”

One thing’s for sure: If Tywin Lannister wins, we won’t have to deal with a debt crisis ever again.

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