Comment Of The Day: No One Needs A Good Slap In The Face


We were distracted by gratuitous scenes of rom-com heinousness in the New Year’s Eve trailer, but ChitChatterson noticed something even worse. Listen up, Hollywood:

When will movies stop showing women slapping men in a way that is either funny, cute, or sexy? Three things (at least) are wrong with this: why should men so casually be subjected to physical violence that would never be tolerated against a woman in a movie like this; it demeans women by implying that regardless of their level of rage, they’re really just harmless; and it gives real-life women the idea that if they were to slap a guy, he would just take it in the exceedingly restrained fasion movie guys always do. In real life, I’m pretty sure 90 percent of the time a woman would get hit back.

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