Comment Of The Day: This Football League Involves Little 'Fantasy'


Today we met some sports “widows” who can’t get their husbands’ attention during football season. AndPreciousLittleOfThat has come up with a way for them to pass the time:

This is great news for my Fantasy Fantasy Football League.
We rank and handicap members of Fantasy Football leagues based on their ability to socialize and interact with people who care nothing for Fantasy Football, and post weekly rankings of the top two hundred Fantasy Football superfans.
Current statistics include answers to the following questions:
1. Have you had any meaningful interaction with your spouse/SO in the past three days which hasn’t centered entirely around Fantasy Football?
2. Do you know/care more about the current weights and injuries of your favorite football team than you know about your own?
3. When was the last time you washed that nasty-ass jersey? Seriously, when?
4. If your spouse/SO fell and twisted their ankle, and right then you also noticed (fill in name of football team quarterback) had fallen and twisted HIS ankle nearby, who would you help first?
I’m not gonna lie, folks. If Brian Roystone of Kirkwood, MO fails to shower today and tomorrow and calls his wife a bitch again for commenting that Al Michaels looks like a Silvio Berlusconi stunt double, I’m getting a hundred bucks!!
Join Fantasy Fantasy Football League today!!

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