Comment Of The Day: True Facts About Iman


Ryan Gosling has some competition for the “Next Chuck Norris” title. Professor Pink says:

Iman has two speeds: catwalk and kill.
Wherever Iman is is the catwalk.
Iman invented Blue Steel.
Iman never participates in a walk-off. She just looks at her competitor and wins.
Iman criticized Vogue Italia and Vogue Italia went bankrupt.
Iman doesn’t need sample sales. Iman owns every sample there is.
Iman once guest-starred on Project Runway and won.
Iman once wrestled an alligator and walked away in a new pair of alligator stilettos.
Iman is the only woman cool enough to marry Bowie.
Iman doesn’t sweat—she glows.
Iman made her own line of makeup because nothing else was good enough for her.
Iman was photographed by Leibovitz and Leibovitz got naked.
Iman has made the cover of every magazine in existence.
John Galliano apologized to Iman.
Iman is fluent in twelve languages, including several that haven’t been invented yet.
Iman’s anger once burned down London.
Iman skipped down the catwalk in the shoes that made Naomi trip.
Heidi Klum agreed that Iman’s marriage was even happier than hers.
Iman closed down Hermes to go shopping in private and didn’t even buy anything.

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