Comment Of The Day: You're Stuck With That Loud, Fussy Roommate For 18 Years


Today, we talked about why conservatives love sex-selective abortion. Dinosaurs and Nachos, girlfriend! has an interesting proposal:

I had a new idea. How about we agree that we should just ban abortion altogether…..if we also get to pass a new law that says no male homeowner should be allowed to evict any homeless person who enters his house. Now, you can lock your windows and doors, and try to keep them out, but if someone gets in, you are stuck for at least 9 months to 18 years. Even if they get in by breaking in or having someone break in for them. Just because somebody broke the law and violated your property rights doesn’t mean you can evict the resulting “tenant”.
Don’t like it, you say? Well, I guess you should have chosen not to be a homeowner then. Oh and don’t come asking the government for any help if that homeless person ends up sticking around for the full 18 years. It will be your job to provide food, clothing, and medical expenses for that person if they do decide to stick around. And I don’t care if they damage your house or even burn it to the ground, you should have thought about that before you bought it. Maybe you shouldn’t have bought a house if you weren’t ready for the responsibility that goes along with homeownership.
The reasoning for this law is that some homeless people die due to, you know, being homeless. If you are a homeowner and you evict a homeless person, you are a murderer. Doesn’t matter how that person got there or what they might do to your house while inside it-you can’t get rid of them until they are able to survive independently outside your house.
(This is not meant in any way to disrespect people who are homeless. Just wondering if anti-choicers would feel their rights were being violated in this scenario.)

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