Cops Called To Sandra's House; Anne Hathaway's Ex Won't Stop Sending Her Letters

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  • The police were called to the home of Sandra Bullock and Jesse James yesterday:

The call was reportedly placed due to an argument that took place between one of the couple’s neighbors and a member of the press. [TMZ]

  • It was apparently James’ daughter, Chandler, who called the police; no arrests were made. [E!}
  • The neighbors are reportedly upset over the media presence in the neighborhood, but according to Orange County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Jim Amormino: “No one has been arrested. We respond to every call and do patrols through there to make sure everybody is behaving. But so far it’s been uneventful. They have every right to be there. There is really nothing we can do… I know it’s probably annoying to the residents there, but they’re within their rights.” [ContactMusic]
  • Jesse James, meanwhile, greeted a bunch of onlookers on his lawn by saying, “Get the fuck off my property.” [E!]
  • A friend of Michelle “Bombshell McGee says “she’s doing OK but laying low. She’s a tough girl.” [People]
  • Michelle McGee looks very different in her high school yearbook picture, just like mostly everyone else. [TMZ}
  • “I happen to like Jesse and hope this works out for them. However, should it not, with all her success and money, I’d be happy to take Sandra Bullock out for the time of her life.”-Dennis Rodman [NYDN]
  • A source claims that Hugh Grant has been offering his support to Sandra Bullock: “Hugh has been a huge support to her. He’s always thought extremely highly of Sandra and was really upset to hear about her troubles…Sandy and Hugh have a special connection – always have. And Hugh will do everything he can to help her out – he even offered to fly out.” [ShowbizSpy]
  • Anne Hathaway has been receiving letters from her ex, Raffaello Follieri, who is currently in jail, and according to a source, Hathaway is afraid to write back to tell Follieri to leave her alone, as “Anne fears anything she says to him will lead to a fresh avalanche of mail. The letters are not only torturing Anne, they are putting pressure on her new relationship.” [DailyExpress]
  • Amy Winehouse has been checking in with an outpatient clinic in order to keep her drinking under control: “She has come a long way from a couple of years ago but there’s still a long way to go. Right now life in London is getting on top of her,” says a source. [ShowbizSpy]
  • Justin Bieber received a Range Rover for his 16th birthday as a gift from his management team, who, Bieber notes, “wanted a bigger car so if I got in an accident I’m not going to get as hurt.” [People]
  • “I would never do a show like [Jon & Kate Plus 8]. My show is not like that. My show is about me as a business woman. My kids are the B-story or C-story…You’re just not watching them run through the house and have temper tantrums and pick out what they’re eating for dinner.”-Kimora Lee Simmons [E!]
  • Jason Wahler of Laguna Beach was busted on Friday for DUI. [TMZ]
  • When asked to stage dive at her recent SXSW show, Courtney Love replied: “I’m far too elderly.” [LATimes]
  • “The success of Carl has had a great impact on my life. I feel buoyed by his success. I am just delighted that I could receive the praise I did for the nuances I gave to a cartoon character, vocally, and I can’t wait to do more. I’m a better actor than I’ve ever been in my life, but I don’t leap tall buildings anymore.”-Ed Asner, on his work in Up. [LATimes]
  • In weird casting news: Heidi Montag is set to play “one half of a plastic surgery-driven power couple” the upcoming Adam Sandler film Just Go With It. Her husband will be played by,,,Kevin Nealon?! [AccessHollywood]
  • “A big reason I wanted to do ‘The Runaways’ was to do something unlike anything that I’ve done before. I’m ready to have people see me in a different way than like the kid in ‘I Am Sam’ or ‘War of the Worlds.’ You have to kind of grow up. Everyone has to do it. I am doing it through films
    , which may be more difficult, but it’s what I love to do.”-Dakota Fanning [UPI]
  • A source claims that Elin Nordegren is angry at Tiger Woods for returning to golf so soon: “Elin thinks he’s going back on his promise to take time off – as much time off as needed to make things right. Now that he’s announced his return she feels taken advantage of.” [RadarOnline]
  • “You start out young and confident, thinking you want to be an actress and singer. Then you actually do it and it’s great for a while, but then you have all this success and other things start becoming more important. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that the harder things are, the better things are. When you’re tested, that’s where you get to the next level in your life.”-Jennifer Lopez [ShowbizSpy]
  • Roman Polanski has “filed a petition asking the California Court of Appeals for the Second District to investigate misconduct”; the D.A. has until March 30 to respond. [TheWrap]
  • Amanda Bynes has been tweeting like a crazy person about some dude, and People is trying to figure out who said dude might be. [People]
  • Star Jones is currently recovering from surgery; her rep released this statement: “On Wednesday, March 17th, a pre-planned cardiac surgery was performed on Star Jones. This recent surgery is a follow-up to the thoracic surgery she had 30 years ago. The procedure was successful and she is recovering well with her family. Star is grateful for everyone’s thoughts and prayers.” [People]
  • Snoop Dogg humored two high school kids who approached him on the street, asking him to listen to the beats they made, by listening to their beats on an iPod and “freestyling about the Lower East Side,” according to a source. “He put on a great show. He ended up liking one of the beats so much that he asked his manager to get one of the kids’ e-mail addresses.” [PageSix]
  • Lindsay Lohan has been spending time in England with Eragon star Edward Spleers, who told friends that Lohan was “trying to make it as an actress over here because her acting career has stalled in America.” [DailyMail]
  • Real Housewife Jill Zarin has been taking ice-skating lessons from Olympic champ Sarah Hughes. Maybe she’s finally found a hobby after all? [PageSix]
  • Jude Law’s sister, Natasha approves of his relationship with Sienna Miller: “I think it’s really nice the way that things have gone full circle.” [Telegraph]
  • Lady Gaga’s 18-year-old sister, Natalie Germanotta, is “dresses and acts nothing like Lady Gaga,” according to a source, but is currently taking vocal lessons in order to potentially become one of her sister’s backup singers. [PageSix]
  • When Scott Weiland’s ex-wife was giving birth to their first child, he got a massage: “I was incredibly stressed out,” he explains, “She was having contractions and it was tripping me out, so I called up our friend and she gave me a massage. I was sober at the time so I needed something to take the edge off.” [PageSix]
  • “He wanted to be Kurt [Cobain], then he wanted to be [Marilyn] Manson, and now he wants to be Perez Hilton. What’s wrong with just being Billy?”-Courtney Love on Billy Corgan [PageSix]
  • And finally, the quote that will launch a million “Lonely Jen” stories: “I’ve had some wonderful experiences. I hope I’ve reached a point where I’m ready to enjoy being with a great man and having a family together. That’s always been my dream. Love is the beginning of the process that draws you together, but the intensity and the nature of love is something that evolves as well.”-Jennifer Aniston
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