​Cosmo Is Now Offering Their Brand of Absurd Sex Tips to Lesbians


Great news folks! Cosmopolitan, the publication that relentlessly inundates us with some of the most ridiculous and straight up hazardous sex tips of all time (seriously, it’s the Old Faithful of ennui-riddled sexual pleasure) has published a list of sex time moves completely geared towards lesbian women. Progress!

This is a pretty clear indication of Cosmo’s commitment to keeping up with the times and with human sexuality, so I’m all for it. But keep in mind that while the sex tips are certainly more inclusive, it doesn’t exactly make them great.

The piece entitled “28 Mind-Blowing Lesbian Sex Positions” includes a description, an illustration, and a difficulty rating calculated by the number of “<3"s, for various acts like "The Breast Enhancement," "The Rocket," the "Classic Scissor" and the "Espresso," as well as others that require vibrators and strap-ons. They seem to have covered the basics, so it's only a matter of time that they start doling out the ice cube play or the Sour Punch Straws tips for the ladies.

Image via Shutterstock.

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