Cotton Candy Oreos Are Going to Be a Thing, For Some Reason

In Depth

I can’t decide whether this more disproves the existence of a just and loving deity, or whether this means the apocalypse is coming. Either way, I am not on board.

The image of unrelenting horror you see above you comes courtesy of an Instagram user going by the thematically-appropriate moniker of cookie0man (which is close enough to Cookie Omen that I’m choosing to believe it’s intentional). He’s got multiple images of the things, all of which appear legit. Whoever cookie0man is, he has apparently express-delivered cotton candy oreos from my nightmares into reality, which means I’m pretty sure the next Nabisco cookie variety we’re going to see is 10-foot-tall Brazilian Wandering Spider Oreos.

All this time, Nabisco…all this time, you were too busy asking if you could to stop and wonder if you should.

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