Courtney Love Is Writing A Memoir

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If you’ve been enjoying all the grunge-era nostalgia related to the 20th anniversary of Nevermind, we have more good news: Courtney Love is writing a memoir! And not just any memoir, a “tell-all” memoir. Courtney will “collaborate” with Anthony Bozza, who co-wrote books with Tommy Lee, Slash, and INXS. The release reads: “Although Love is often associated with deceased husband, music legend and front man of Nirvana, Kurt Cobain, she has had an incredible artistic career of her own crisscrossing into music, film, popular culture, and fashion…The as yet untitled memoir will offer a no-holds-barred look into Love’s life from childhood to the present day.” [MediaBistro]
The Hollywood Reporter explains that Courtney has wanted to write a memoir for 19 years, and may be looking to refute the claims in several unflattering biographies and her mother’s memoir Her Mother’s Daughter. [HR]

Thanks to N.Y. Mag for this beautiful gif of Ryan Gosling giving George Clooney an endless wet willy. [N.Y. Mag]

There’s a good chance you haven’t thought about Mike Myers in quite a while, but he’s doing well. Two weeks ago his wife Kelly Tisdale gave birth to their first child together, a boy named Spike. [E!]

Though palace sources say Kate Middleton will not be appearing on the cover of American Vogue anytime soon, we’re supposed to believe some “source thisclose to the royals” who says, “I’m sure it will happen.” [E!]

  • It sounds like Gwyneth Paltrow‘s birthday celebrations carried into Tuesday night. She Tweeted yesterday, “Nursing a horrific hangover at the jfk. Nothing like starting an overseas flight dehydrated. Where is the dog, I need the hair.” [E!]
  • T.I. was released from a federal halway house today after completing an 11-month sentence for weapons possession and drug charges. [Reuters]
  • LeAnn Rimes would like you to know that she isn’t anorexic or bulemic. She said on Ellen, “[The press has] been very irresponsible [about] calling a lot of people fat or anorexic or bulimic or whatever it may be. It seems like bullying now instead of really taking these diseases seriously that a lot of people are going through.” [Us]
  • Listen to Susan Boyle‘s cover of Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy the Silence” at the link. [RS]
  • Community‘s Danny Pudi says of Abed’s friendship with Troy, “This is sort of the greatest love story ever told.” [E!]
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