Courtney Love: Pleasant And Lucid On The View


Today, Courtney Love was interviewed on The View, where she discussed her comeback and her Twitter madness. Overall, with her understated makeup and coherent anecdotes, she seemed really put together. Which just proves that she’s still completely unpredictable.

Courtney—who said she’s been sober now for six years—says that she doesn’t mind if people call her new album a “comeback.”

You can call it a comeback. I went out. I came back. It’s fine.

Later, the ladies on the panel brought up the subject of Courtney’s daughter Frances Bean—who recently obtained a restraining order, barring any contact between the two—but Courtney wouldn’t go there. They quickly changed subjects, and asked Courtney about the biopic she’s producing about her late husband Kurt Cobain. She said that she’s approving the script and the actors, but that she probably won’t watch it, saying, “I don’t think I could live through that,” without acknowledging the irony behind such a statement. (Also! Hole’s second album was titled Live Through This.) Then she talked about her trouble with Twitter, completely ignoring some of her weirder rants and fights, instead focusing on a funny story about Jessica Simpson.

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