Craigslist Texas Ad Offers Sublet "Possibly Haunted" by Frat Boys


Here’s a charming little cottage in Austin, Texas that could be all yours, if you don’t mind maybe putting up with some rowdy ghosts.

This Austin Craigslist ad offers your standard announcement about a possible sublet. It seems like a very reasonable deal and is certainly an adorable enough looking house. But uh-oh what the fuck is this now about ghosts? Oh dear.

Now, about the ghosts. Many years ago, the house was rented by a group of fraternity brothers. I can’t be sure, but I believe that they had such a good time here that they decided to stay. Forever. If you listen carefully on a quiet Friday or Saturday night, you can hear the telltale sounds of binge drinking. Also, my beer mysteriously disappears from the fridge sometimes. Although, that might just be one of my roommates.

Speaking from personal experience, the rental market in Austin is a goddamn nightmare. I’d totally be willing to put up with a couple of crazy frat boy ghosts. And if they were University of Texas Longhorns, all the more acceptable. (No deal if they’re ghosts of Aggies. AN AGGIE IS ALWAYS A DEAL BREAKER.) The roommate who steals beer on the hand is something I will not put up with. Dude, keep your paws off my booze.

H/t Total Sorority Move.

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