Crazy New Anti-Abortion Movie Depicts Black Panther-Style Doctor Killers


Just when you think anti-choice activists have been as racist as you could imagine, they go and make this amped-up movie, Gates Of Hell, about crazy black men shooting abortion doctors as retaliation for “genocide.” They’re like Black Panthers, only right-wing white guys like them!

According to Right Wing Watch,

The film is styled as a documentary from 2016 about how in 2014, a Black terrorist group called “Zulu 9” and its members, who have names like “Pinky,” attack abortion clinics and murder abortion doctors. Mitchell, who is white, recently defended the film, saying it “casts a cinematic vision of what a post-abortion America could look like.”

Here’s the man behind the movie, Molotov Mitchell defending himself against claims from other anti-abortion activists who claim he’s glorifying violence. Yes, he even managed to disgust LifeNews. (On the one hand, the reviewer said he “genuinely fear[ed] that it will whip up young black men and lead some to violence,” which is pretty racist; on the other, he used the hilariously inappropriate metaphor, “This is one baby that needs to be strangled in its bassinet.”)

How inconvenient that all of the actual murders of doctors who provide abortions have been committed by white men.

New Anti-Choice Film Fantasizes About Black Terrorists Murdering Abortion Doctors [Right Wing Watch]

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