Creep Who Sent Weird Shit to Jojo Siwa Also Sent Packages to Maddie Ziegler


Since Phoenix Sundown was caught sending disturbing packages—which contained child pornography, an Elvis blanket and a coffee maker—to Dance Moms star Jojo Siwa, he has admitted to sending packages to other young celebs.

In an interview from the El Cajon, California jail where he is currently being held, Sundown told 10News he had sent 11 packages to 12-year-old Maddie Ziegler, another Dance Moms star who has famously appeared in several of Sia’s music videos. The 36-year-old man also sent packages to 8-year-old Kennedi Clements, an actress who appeared in Wayward Pines and in the 2015 Poltergeist remake. One parcel included a dog skull.

Sundown also claims that celebrities communicate with him through cryptic references on social media and use codes to confuse advertisers. These “messages” are not just from current child stars. Reporter Dan Haggerty tweeted that some were from Ricky Shroder and Suzanne Somers. Looks like everyone (even those from ‘80s-era sitcoms) wants to chat with Phoenix Sundown.

Sundown also revealed that a tattoo he has on his throat is supposed to be a zombie version of Dance Moms coach Abby Lee Miller.

Sundown pleaded not guilty to four charges, including distribution of harmful material to a minor and one count of animal cruelty. If convicted on all counts, he faces up to five years and eight months in jail.

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