Creeper Sentenced For Making Thousands Of Calls About Pantyhose


Here’s what you don’t want in a news article about you: “Authorities say Swartz called businesses trying to get woman to talk to him about pantyhose.”

And yet, Rip Alan Swartz apparently wasn’t thinking of the consequences when, according to, he “made 6,575 calls in a 53-day period in 2010 — as many as 432 in one day in September.” Criminal investigation began when two employees of a Pennsylvania Cracker Barrel “contacted police saying they had gotten phone calls from a man who politely discussed the weather and then redirected the conversation by making comments about their pantyhose.” It later emerged that Swartz had also repeatedly called a local Hooters, as well as “restaurants, banks, call centers and hotels” as far away as the Philippines. He said this was how he “got his jollies.”

Now, according to the AP, Swartz has been sentenced — to nine months in prison for offenses in one Pennsylvania county, and to probation for crimes in another. He says he plans to enter treatment, and, to his credit, that he’s “ashamed.”

Central Pa. Man ‘Ashamed’ Over Thousands Of Lewd Prank Calls Referencing Pantyhose [AP, via Washington Post]
Shiremanstown Man Says He ‘Got His Jollies’ By Calling Women, Asking About Their Pantyhose []

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