Customers Arrested After Video Surfaces of Them Pulling a Fast Food Worker Through the Drive-Thru Window

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Today in really fucked-up restaurant customer behavior: this.

Via WWLTV, police in LaPlace, Louisiana have arrested four people in conjunction with an assault that appears to have been videotaped by the assailants themselves wherein a drive-thru worker at an unidentified fast food restaurant [Update: It’s a McDonald’s] was pulled through the window by her hair. An unidentified 16-year-old as well as 18-year-old Sierra Grigoire have been charged with simple battery, and 20-year-old Bradnika Grigoire has been charged with disturbing the peace by fighting. 17-year-old Kailin Holland, the primary aggressor and the one who pulled the victim through the window according to the sheriff’s office of St. John the Baptist, LA, has been charged with second-degree battery.

If you don’t want to watch the below video after seeing that lead image (and frankly, I do not blame you—it’s pretty disturbing), it starts with a car idling near the restaurant’s drive-thru window and the driver’s door opening. Getting out of the car, the driver (presumably Holland, since she was given the most serious charge of the four) then confronts the drive-thru employee. It’s difficult to make out what they’re saying, but the conversation rapidly escalates into attempted punches. The camera is pointed further down at this point, but it appears the employee opens the window in order to get at the customer. That’s when the driver grabs the employee’s hair and bodily pulls her through the window. A person (presumably the victim) can be heard whimpering in pain, and someone off-camera can be heard shouting “open this door!”

The video ends here, but according to police, the victim was repeatedly punched after being pulled through the window. The 16-year-old victim is apparently fine, according to WWLTV, although I can’t imagine being pulled through the drive-thru window by one’s hair could ever be described as a pleasant experience. According to police, meanwhile, the whole exchange was the result of an “argument on social media.” It’s unclear what possessed the person who took the video to actually post it online; given its content, in what universe was that not ultimately going to get them arrested for battery?

For those of you who would like to see the whole thing, here it is:

I can’t believe I actually need to state this, but here it is: no matter what your drive-thru worker allegedly does or does not do to you, there does not exist a justification for…that. Do not do that. Ever. For any reason. Thank you.

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