Dame Helen Mirren and Her Husband Hate That Mushy Romance Crap


Three cheers for the indomitable DAME HELEN, from her raunchy jokes about Colin Firth to her dislike of leery, pervy Alfred Hitchcock when she was a young whippersnapper on his casting couch. To paraphrase the great Genevan philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau, she is quite simply boss as fuck.

In a new interview with Woman & Home, Mirren discussed being a “grumpy anti-monarchist” when she was younger: “It’s the sense of privilege that goes with the aristocracy that I struggle with. I can’t help my working class roots and on that score, the fact that the aristocracy haven’t got there through hard work is a structure that is annoying to me. But the monarchy on its own, I’m okay with that.” But she loves the Windsor clan now: “My hope for the future is to see Charles become king one day. I would like to see him come to the throne in my lifetime. He will make a very good monarch. If you have a good and sensible person in that role, It’s a good thing.”

More interestingly, she discussed what makes companionship last for a lifetime:

“People get together for reasons other than sex and, although it’s important in the beginning for most couples, it’s not what makes marriages last. But I think the power of partnership in marriage is under-recognised in our society. That’s what makes marriages work, not sex.”

And her pragmatic, no-frills, no heart-shaped-boxes-of-mediocre-Duane-Reade-chocolates marriage to director Taylor Hackford.

Taylor and I aren’t remotely romantic with each other. And actually we appreciate the lack of romance in the other person. I’d be completely horrified if Taylor gave me a Valentine’s card. That’s not our sort of relationship at all – we would pour cold water on that sort of thing. We even forget to get each other birthday presents – I’m always thinking the day before, ‘Oh, I must get Taylor something for his birthday.’ Without being corny, we try simply to be considerate to each other every day rather than lavishing each other with gifts.

I bet they have sex constantly, though. Constantly.

‘It’s not the sex that makes marriage last, says Dame Helen Mirren’ [Telegraph UK]

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