David Hogg Got People to Donate $10K to Post Up a Giant Trump Ted Cruz Tweet in Texas


One of the only things I enjoyed about the 2016 presidential election was how much everyone fucking hated Ted Cruz. Somehow, even with the tonsil stones, Zodiac killer rumors, and Craig Mazin tweets about Cruz’s college masturbation habits, Cruz managed to stay in the Republican primary race until the very end. But before he folded to our current nightmare, Trump said a number of mean things about him, and now Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg has gotten people to donate almost $10,000 to post one of his tweets on a billboard in Texas.

Trump tweeted on Friday that he’ll head down to Texas in October to stump for Cruz, who is tragically in danger of losing his Senate seat to Democrat/former punk hottie Beto O’Rourke. Trump’s plan is to hold a rally at “the biggest stadium in Texas” we can find, so some anti-Cruz activists decided to pay for a big sign featuring one of Trump’s anti-Cruz tweets and post it on a mobile billboard, presumably near the stadium. According to Slate, a political group called USA Latinx came up with the plan and started a GoFundMe for it, but when Hogg tweeted about it, donations took off:

As of Sunday night, the project has been fully funded and then some—the goal was $6,000, and the fund is at $9,870. I have a small quibble, though. They chose this tweet to display:

But when there are so many great Trump tweets about Cruz, why pick this one? Why not, for instance, post one where Trump questioned Cruz’s dedication to his faith?

Or when he questioned Cruz’s sanity?

Or when he suggested Cruz wasn’t great at working under pressure?

Or when he pointed out that Cruz wasn’t very popular?

But now these two are really good friends!

Anyway, Donald Trump repeatedly insulted Ted Cruz’s wife and once claimed his dad killed JFK, and now he has to go bail Cruz out of an election that should have been a surefire win, but for the fact that Cruz sucks so much. Fund all the billboards, just for fun!

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