Delusional Bachelor Jake Pavelka Gets Booted From Yet Another Reality Show


Finally, that storyline between Vienna, Kasey, and Jake Pavelka is over: after doing everything in his power to maintain his residency at the Bachelor Pad, the other contestants voted him out. That’s not to say that Jake didn’t put up a good fight — and he would know how to, considering this is his fourth reality series (Dancing With The Stars, Famous Food, The Bachelor) he’s appeared on in less than two years.

In hopes of “swaying the vote,” Jake took up with Erica Rose, whom you’ll remember as the “ugly girl” that every guy chose to throw an egg at last week. Jake believed that making out with her would help his chances at staying on the show, while Erica was just stoked to have a test subject for what seems to be her newly injected lips. Spoiler alert: the plan didn’t work.

This kind of awkwardness could only be trumped by a “one-on-one” date between Michael and his ex-fiancé, Holly. They were in the middle of the desert when out of nowhere, Bret Michaels tour bus showed up! He asked them about their relationship and made the mistake of congratulating them on their engagement, only to realize after he opened his mouth that they were no longer together. And then he proceeded to serenade them with “Every Rose Has Its Thorn,” the lyrics of which made them feel all weird inside because as Holly put it, “our relationship still has some thorns.” Man. So true. Deep.

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