Demi, Kirsten & Gerard Rock Jewels, Jewel-Tones


This Bulgari event in Beverly Hills benefited several very worthy causes, which is great. And Gerard Butler was there, which was also great.

The first thing you need to understand is that flame-colored clothes were, for some reason, really well-represented at this event. Exhibit A: Malin Akerman, doing her preferred simple silhouette.

Bleona Qereti, meanwhile, looks ready to play a firecracker in Ziegfeld Follies of 1919.

And Niecy Nash does a demure silhouette — but keeps it sassy with the vibrant shade!

Kirsten Dunst also lets a jewel-tone speak for itself, keeping the shape and the accessories super-simple.

Demi Moore may have single-handedly rehabilitated stone-washing. Well, temporarily.

I love black and brown in combination; it looks so “rich,” as people in stores sometimes inexplicably say. Julia Ormond shows how it’s done.

Olivia Wilde also rocked simple elegance.

Milla Jovovich had fun, taking the 70s trend to its exuberant max.

Also doing it up is Abigail Spencer, looking absurdly festive.

Why yes, Gerard Butler did look effortlessly, ruggedly rad in pinstripes! Yes, pinstripes!

[Images via Getty]

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