DemJo? Joore? JoMi? Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off

Demi Moore and Joe Jonas had lunch together, so now we're all wondering if they're dating.

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DemJo? Joore? JoMi? Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off

I feel like when you’re rich and famous you sometimes just have random lunches with other rich and famous people. If I was someone like Laura Dern and I knew Andrew Scott was in town, I’d tell my agent to call his agent to tell him that he has to have lunch with me.

But then again, what do I know?! Demi Moore (61) and Joe Jonas (34) recently had lunch together so now we’re all forced to question whether or not there’s something…Moore. (ūü•Ā) ‚ÄúDemi and Joe have struck up a friendship. They have mutual friends and they bonded,‚ÄĚ a “well-placed source” (isn’t the point of a source the fact that they’re well-placed…?) told Page Six after they¬†were seen having lunch¬†at the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in Antibes, France.

The two were both in France for the Cannes Film Festival, where Moore’s new horror comedy, Substance, was among the most-talked-about films. Slate wrote: “Demi Moore is back. You’ve never seen her like this before,” while other outlets declared she’s having a “Demi-sance.”

Moore also hosted the amfAR gala during the festival,¬†where Nick Jonas performed and Joe made a surprise appearance with his band, DNCE, to perform their 2015 hit, “Cake by the Ocean.” It was this eight-year-old song that, according to¬†Page Six, “got the crowd out of their seats,” and was when Moore was spotted dancing with Michelle Yeoh. I honestly didn’t even know this song was considered a hit, let alone a hit that everyone would remember, recognize, and enjoy nearly a decade later. (Also unclear if they changed the lyric about Diddy…)

After all that, Demi and Joe were spotted at lunch along with Kevin Jonas and Heidi Klum. (See, famous people just get food with other famous people. Unless Kevin and Heidi were wingmen, which would admittedly make a terrific romcom that I would love to stream.)¬†Page Six writes that one “insider” says things are definitely getting romantic while their original “well-placed source” maintains that it’s not. So here we are!

Personally, I’m still feeling gross about Joe after everything that went down with his ex, Sophie Turner. So, Demi, if you’re truly in your “Demi-stance,” I just think you could flirt with a lot better than a washed-up, seemingly shitty pop star who hasn’t had a hit since the Obama presidency.

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