Demon Fight!!!!!!!!!!

Demon Fight!!!!!!!!!!
Photo:Saul Loeb/AFP (L), Michael Evans/The White House (R (Getty Images)

Donald Trump’s re-election campaign used Ronald Reagan’s likeness to raise money, and the incredibly dead president’s people are NOT happy about it.

According to The Hill, the Trump Make America Great Again Committee—a joint effort between the President’s campaign and the Republican National Committee (say the word committee one more time [committee])—sent out a fundraising e-mail offering a commemorative coin set to everyone who donated $45 or more. The set features two gold-colored coins: one that bears Trump’s likeness, and the other with the face of the guy who destabilized El Salvador, Nicaragua, Afghanistan, and a bunch of other countries and also didn’t do shit about AIDS until tens of thousands of people had already died from it on it.

The fundraiser email appears to have been trying to associate Trump with Reagan, The Hill says, since lots of imperialism fetishists still worship that monster to this day. Love that I can’t relate!! Stan Loona as harm reduction, etc. etc.

Well, the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation wasn’t too thrilled with all that. The Foundation, which owns the sole rights to Mr. and Mrs. Reagün’s names and images, called up the RNC some time last week and asked them to stop selling these probably very ugly coins, The Washington Post reports. The RNC was like “OK we’ll stop,” and it seems that they have—though The Hill notes that yon coins still appeared to be for sale as recently as Saturday afternoon.

No word on whether Trump’s ego got bruised over the course of this back and forth. If there is any lingering resentment, I’m sure he’ll be able to settle it in hell where Reagan has been burning since he died in 2004.

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