Dermatologists Are Thirsting for Dr. Fredric Brandt's Famous Clients


Money-hungry dermatologists are reportedly hustling, in the wake of his suicide, to get a piece of Dr. Fredric Brandt’s famous clientele.

One of New York’s most coveted cosmetic dermatologists, Dr. Brandt had a rich roster of clients (Madonna, Kelly Ripa, Gwyneth Paltrow, etc.) and remains irreplaceable to his patients, both in terms of his personality and his talent. Of course, that hasn’t stopped dermatologists in the area from trying to poach his A-list stars.

After his death in April, Brandt’s patients got a letter from his practice, Laser & Skin Surgery Center, in which director Dr. Roy Geronemus expressed shock over his colleague’s passing and stated: “Please be advised that our physicians provide all of the services that Dr. Brandt performed.”

Not surprisingly, dermatologists have been foaming at the mouth to get to his patients. Geronemus told The Hollywood Reporter, “The degree of solicitation—letters, cold calls—is unheard of in my career. I’ve confronted some of them and said there should be a more collegial approach.”

Oft-cited NYC dermatologist Patricia Wexler says, “There have been other doctors who have passed away, and it was nothing like this soliciting. People see a cash opportunity.”

Dermatologist Howard Sobel explained that Brandt’s famously welcoming bedside manner is what drew people to him:

“A fair share of Fred’s patients have come to me through my existing patients. But they had become his personal friends, so he is a hard act to follow. A lot of them start telling stories about him and cry in my office. They are unique because they have been directing me, telling me exactly where to inject to follow his game plan. Some even mark up their own faces with a wax pencil so that I will follow Fred’s blueprint…They don’t just want expertise; they want a personality. Fred used to sing, so I now have a Pandora station with show tunes on it.”

Another dermatologist who talked to the Reporter, Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank, seconded that:

“About 150 to 200 of Fred’s patients have come to see me, and one of the most difficult things is dealing with them emotionally. They are very high-profile and take a lot of care and time. Most have been with him for years — he treated them like family, and he died in such an unfortunate and tragic way. Having two of his staff made the transition easier for some of them.’’

While competition is lurking, Brandt’s practice has managed to retain many of his clients, thanks to his protege Dr. Robert Anolik, who says, “They know Fred trained me, and I treated him.”

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