Diana Ross's Grandchild Birthed By Ashlee Simpson


Us Weekly is reporting that Ashlee Simpson, wife of Evan Ross, has given birth to the granddaughter of Diana Ross. The little girl, whose name has yet to be revealed, is Simpson’s second child (her first, Bronx Mowgli, was fathered by Pete Wentz), and the first to share DNA with a former member of The Supremes.

It’s spectacularly odd (and strangely soothing) to know that the life force of Diana Ross, one of one music’s most influential living legends, has traveled from body to body until finally emerging from the uterus of Ashlee Simpson as a fully-formed human being. Don’t you think? What a world.

Other headlines I considered for this post were:

  • Where Did Their Love Go? Sliding Out Of Ashlee Simpson’s Uterus!
  • Ashlee Simpson’s Baby Girl: “I’m Coming Out!”
  • Ashlee Simpson’s Baby Knows Exactly Where She’s Going To!
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  • If Want Her Auto, Want Her Autobiography, Baby Just Ask Diana Ross
  • Ashlee Simpson’s Baby To Umbilical Cord: “You Keep Me Hanging On”

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