'Did That Hurt?' And Other Songs from the Fifty Shades Soundtrack


Earlier this week, Ellie Goulding released her fiery, rom-com-y Fifty Shades of Grey contribution, “Love Me Like You Do.” Songs from the movie’s soundtrack have spilled out (heh) over the past months, but here’s what looks to be the full tracklist. How many lips will be bitten to this?

Why count. There are two songs by The Weeknd, who’s a reliable source for sexual mood-setters (we heard “Earned It”). Also, a pair of Beyoncé slow jams, including the drowsy revamp of “Crazy In Love” that was featured in the trailer. Sia, Jessie Ware and Skylar Grey contribute, and notably, Danny Elfman has a joke-wrote-itself song called “Did It Hurt?”

The soundtrack releases on February 10. Tracklist below, per Idolator via Pop Justice. Since the Internet loves circulating fake track lists, I’ve reached out to a rep for Republic Records to confirm that this is real. (UPDATE: I’m told that the rep “can’t confirm this at this time.”)

50 Shades Of Grey Tracklisting

1. Annie Lennox – I Put a Spell On You

2. Laura Welsh – Undiscovered

3. The Weeknd – Earned It

4. Jessie Ware – Meet Me In the Middle

5. Ellie Goulding – Love Me Like You Do

6. Beyoncé – Haunted (Michael Diamond Remix)

7. Sia – Salted Wound

8. The Rolling Stones – Beast of Burden

9. AWOLNATION – I’m On Fire

10. Beyoncé – Crazy In Love (2014 Remix)

11. Frank Sinatra – Witchcraft

12. Vaults – One Last Night

13. The Weeknd – Where You Belong

14. Skylar Grey – I Know You

15. Danny Elfman – Anna and Christian

16. Danny Elfman – Did That Hurt?

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