Dior Shows Crazy Gardener Couture


John Galliano‘s garden grows very, very psychedelic, if the designer’s latest couture collection for Dior is to be trusted. Poufy petal skirts, shocking colors, and floral embroideries aren’t exactly new ground for Galliano, but the pollen sure is intoxicating.

Remember that scene from The September Issue where Grace Coddington is all like, “Feathers? What are we supposed to do with feathers for fall?” And the other woman who works at Vogue says, “We’re supposed to wear them,” and they both kinda laugh? Yeah.

Although this is technically a fall/winter season collection — and many of the looks incorporate heavier fabrics, like wool and mohair — the gardening theme and the floral prints are pretty much the established fashion code for springtime and sunshine and bare legs.

Cf. that other, fictional movie about Vogue wherein Miranda Priestly intones: “Florals. For spring. Ground breaking.” Florals for fall, however, is practically revolutionary in fashion. The green theme carried over to the choice of venue: the show was held in a tent inside the garden at the Musée Rodin in Paris.

And, my God, some of these confections are just beautiful, if a little frothy.

The cellophane faceguards by Stephen Jones add that unexpected surrealist touch.

My favorite look took that surreal impulse and channeled it into a primary-colored ensemble suitable for only the most emotionally on-edge pierrot.

Two things about this picture:

1. Could have done without the dishwashing gloves.

2. Hair bulb. Discuss.

Naturally, the current face of Dior, 17-year-old Karlie Kloss, stalked the runway in purple.

The closing ball gowns were appropriately dramatic.

Shocking colors, strange hats, and impractical fabrics given extraordinary treatment — check. Moments of heart-stopping beauty such as might have descended from some Platonic realm dealing with crinolines and gardening — check. Silly hair — check. Now that’s a Galliano collection!

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