Do Not Ask Tim Gunn to Kondo Anything

Do Not Ask Tim Gunn to Kondo Anything

Please don’t ask Tim Gunn to make it work, at least not Marie Kondo’s way.

Page Six reports that Gunn, the calm, former mentor to sweating Project Runway contestants, is not a fan at all of the Kondo method. “I’m not a believer. I don’t subscribe to her methods,” Gunn told the podcast “The One Way Ticket Show.” He says while he has a lot of books and that not all of them spark joy, he’s not going to give them up.

The Kondo note about getting rid of books has struck a nerve with a lot of people, so much so that Kondo had to remind interviewers that she only advocates for people to be rid of things they’re not passionate about. If you’re passionate about books, don’t throw them out! It’s okay!

Not only is Gunn not a fan of Kondo’s methods, he also found her Netflix show “very slow.” “I can only take so much of her,” he says.

Maybe Kondo can take Gunn to Red Lobster where they can talk this one out?

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