Do We Really Need Our Shampoo to Be 'Prestige'?

Do We Really Need Our Shampoo to Be 'Prestige'?
Image: (Sephora)

Shampoo! It’s there for when your hair is dirty. It’s there for you when your hair is half-clean. It’s there for you at the drugstore, where it costs a reasonable amount of money—but now, beauty companies are trying to change that.

WWD reports that the “prestige hair care” category has grown 13 percent in the first quarter of this cursed year, and that online sales of products like shampoo and conditioner are the only categories that have seen growth. The haircare space is “strengthening,” apparently, as evidenced by this information and so now we will be forced to contend with whether or not it feels good to pay $25 for a shampoo endorsed and created by Chris McMillan, Jennifer Aniston’s hairstylist and the man who gave the world the Rachel.

At this point, it feels futile to resist this push, and is much easier to just surrender! One can only moisturize the skin so often before that pleasure fades; instead of throwing buckets of money towards serums to make your face (and by extension, your spirit) feel better, why not turn that same vigor to the hair on your head, which could likely use a little something? No? Am I wrong? Spend a bunch of money on fancy shampoo and see how you feel!

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