Does Kim Kardashian Get High and Think About Her Hands?

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Graphic: Jezebel

Do you think Kim Kardashian ever gets too high and stares at her hands thinking “hands are weird.” I bet she has because who hasn’t? I think about hands when I’m high. How they are spraytanned and moisturized and held and looked at and photographed and covered up with makeup.

So, Kim’s hands. They exist on her body, and she is a very famous person, which should be proof enough for why anyone would want to think about them in their free time. Look at them! They are quite the hands. When the spray gun misses them, they turn an almost translucent white. Other times she coats them in body glitter. They’ve even shaken the hand of a twice-impeached president. I promise I’m not high.

Really! But most importantly, like Kim, these hands change with the seasons. The winds blow and signal spring is on the horizon. What new look will they wear next? In the meantime, here are just a few of their recent outings.

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