Does President Trump Have a Finger Up His Butt at This Very Moment? 


President Trump, a 72-year-old man, is due for his annual physical exam on Friday, which will be performed at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center by Dr. Sean Conley, a Naval officer.

According to recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, men of Trump’s age—“70 years old and older”—do not need to be “routinely” screened for prostate cancer. However, it continues, other medical organizations “may have other recommendations.”

The matter of a prostate-specific antigen blood test and digital rectal exam is also one to be made between doctor and patient, according to the American Cancer Society:

Even after a decision about testing has been made, the discussion about the pros and cons of testing should be repeated as new information about the benefits and risks of testing becomes available. Further discussions are also needed to take into account changes in a man’s health, values, and preferences.

And now a question: does the president have a finger up his butt at this very moment, or no?

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