Donald Trump Tries To Buy Controversial NYC Mosque Site

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  • Donald Trump has offered to buy the site where a Muslim group wants to build a mosque so he can move it further from ground zero and “end a very serious, inflammatory, and highly divisive situation.”
  • The current site is two blocks away from the WTC site, but Trump wants to move it five blocks away. He’s made a cash offer of what the owners paid, plus 25%. [TMZ]
  • Lindsay Lohan is in negotiations to appear on Oprah. “White Oprah” must be so excited! [Radar]
  • In Boston this morning, Tom Brady‘s Audi collided with a van. Brady walked away from the crash and refused to go to the hospital, but rescuers need the Jaws of Life to free a van driver. [People]
  • Brady went to the Patriots’ practice later in the day. [TMZ]
  • Kevin Federline has come to Britney Spears‘ defense, saying the lawsuit claiming she beat their kids is “baseless.” [TMZ]
  • Britney posted this message on her website: “This lawsuit is another unfortunate situation where someone is trying to take advantage of the Spears family and make a name for himself. The Department of Children and Family Services conducted a proper investigation surrounding Mr. Flores’ accusations and have closed the case without any further action.” [Radar]
  • Fernando Flores says he’s the victim of a “double standard” because he’s a man filing a sexual harassment suit against a woman. [Radar]
  • Spencer Pratt Tweeted yesterday, “I need to apologize to Heidi and my 11.5 fans… I’m an epic douche – and you deserve better.” [Radar]
  • Lea Seydoux has joined the cast of Woody Allen’s Midnight In Paris, but reports that she’s replacing Carla Bruni are untrue. [Hollywood Reporter]
  • Lady Gaga stopped her show in Washington D.C. on Tuesday when she spotted two people fighting near the stage. “Stop fighting. Do not fight at this show,” she she said, adding, “Is she OK? Are they both OK? I don’t know who hit who.” [E!]
  • Jay-Z has signed 9-year-old Willow Smith, daughter of Will Smith, to his record label saying, “We at Roc Nation are excited to work with Willow. She has an energy and enthusiasm about her music that is truly infectious. It’s rare to find an artist with such innate talent and creativity at such a young age.” [N.Y. Mag]
  • Don’t worry, Kim Kardashian and Miles Austin “are stronger than ever,” according to a source. [People]
  • Project Runway spoiler: Jessica Simpson will judge the finale. [Radar]
  • Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been accused of assaulting Josie Harris, the mother of his child. [TMZ]
  • 50 Cent Tweeted, “Another case of angry baby mama wanting money. Police are looking for [Mayweather]. I just got off the phone with him.” He added, “She’s claiming he hit her but has no bruises. Floyd went to see his kids last night if a fighter of floyd caliber hits u, u would b bruised.” [TMZ]
  • Olivia de Havilland has been awarded the French Legion of Honor at age 94. [NYT]
  • Snooki sent an email to the editor of Steppin’ Out magazine saying, “I am not happy with you and the cover you did with stalker jeff, the kid that I knew for a day who obviousy (sic) is a fame whore.” [Perez]
  • Snooki says of a judge calling her a Lindsay Lohan wannabe, “I definitely thought it was harsh. I never drank and drove, I don’t do drugs – I do nothing that Lindsay does, so it was definitely a little overboard.” [People]
  • Susan Sarandon says she’d be willing to appear in a rumored Glee tribute to The Rocky Horror Picture Show, “Depending on what they wanted me to do. I’m not really a singer, so I wouldn’t be very out there. I’m a terrible singer. But I’m flattered they want to do it.” [People]
  • In an interview about her battle with breast cancer, Maura Tierney says, “I was so, so scared of going to the doctor. I felt something, and my boyfriend at the time made me go. He said, ‘You’ve got to take care of this,’ because I was afraid. That’s one thing I will say: Don’t be afraid to go to the damn doctor. Just go!” [Star]
  • Adam Brody took a lot of heat from Twilight fans for saying Kristen Stewart should quit acting if she hates fame so much. Now he says, “It wasn’t taken out of context. I saw (the interview) and thought I sounded like an idiot. I did. Regardless of how anyone else took anything, I would think that sounds very ungentlemanly and I sounded like a jackass.” [ONTD]
  • Adam Brody also explains why many of you didn’t see Jennifer’s Body (which was highly entertaining): “I’m happy people are finding it on cable or wherever they’re finding it. But I do think it should win a Razzie for Worst Ad Campaign Ever. Seriously. They couldn’t have done a worse poster or trailer if that’s what they fucking set out to do. It was such a good opportunity for a cool trailer or poster, and it was like a Goosebumps, R.L. Stine poster.” [N.Y. Mag]
  • Penelope Cruz hasn’t been spotted by the paparazzi recently, so clearly she’s pregnant. [E!]
  • Kat Von D is not pregnant with Jesse James‘ baby, obvs. Her rep says, “They’ve only been dating for a few weeks. She is not pregnant. That’s absolutely absurd.” [People]
  • Contrary to the constant pregnancy rumors, Katie Holmes says she isn’t expecting. “Maybe in a couple of years, but right now I want to make sure I’m really there for Suri,” she says adding, “I’m the youngest in my family. My closest sister is five years older than me, and the next one is nine years ahead of me, so I was a bit of an only child, and I liked it! I liked having all of my mom’s attention, and sometimes I think I still do.” [E!]
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