Don't Let Wannabe Governor Ken Cuccinelli Photobomb Your Uterus


Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate and current attorney general Ken Cuccinelli loooves telling women how to take care of their bodies; it’s as if he wishes he could be with us at the doctor’s office and in the bedroom 24/7. Now you can show your friends what life would be like if Ken Cuccinelli was really *everywhere* by inserting him into your photos.

Cuccinelli has said that his goal is to “make abortion disappear in America,” and he’s certainly not trying to achieve it by increasing access to birth control, because he’s also said people who oppose the federal mandate for contraception coverage should be willing to go to jail to show their opposition. Whatta guy.

Planned Parenthood Action Fund has been actively campaigning to make sure Cuccinelli doesn’t take over the governor’s office; earlier this year, the group launched “Keep Ken Out,” a detailed website that explains Cuccinelli’s positions on abortion, contraception, and Obamacare. Voters need information, but they also need memes. So here’s a fun photobomb tool you can use to truly illustrate how Cuccinneli is all up in your fucking business.

Here’s “The Cooch” (that’s his self-described nickname, believe it or not) getting in the way of the YA book I’m trying to read in my avatar. A book he has probably tried to ban because girls do things in it.

Feel free to share your own Cuccinelli photobombs below.

[Keep Ken Out]

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