Dov Charney Was Fired for Making Employee His 'Sex Slave'


It’s tough to imagine which of his equally disturbing sex crimes finally motivated the American Apparel board to fire CEO Dov Charney. Now it’s come out that a 2011 case, in which former employee Irene Morales accuses Charney of forcing her into “sex slavery,” was the tipping point.

According to the New York Post, Charney also authorized an employee to post nude photos of Morales to a blog without her knowledge and consent, a move that is so wrong on a variety of moral, ethical, and legal levels:

The board’s concern, according to sources, is that the blog not only harassed and defamed Morales, but also ran afoul of certain California laws that forbid falsely impersonating others online, as alleged in a suit at the time by Morales’s lawyer Eric Baum.

Morales ended up suing Charney for $260 million, but her case was thrown out in 2012. It’s good that she’s finally getting some justice with the American Apparel board’s recent move, but this still raises the question of why they didn’t do more to help her when this incident came up three years ago.

Another factor in Charney’s ouster could’ve been this video of him dancing buck naked in front of two female employees. As of Wednesday, Charney has been stripped of his chairman title and suspended as CEO.

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