Dr. Oz Has a Long History of Being Extremely Creepy to—and About—Women

Pennsylvania, do you want to elect a man who's described his penis in detail on television?

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In between getting mercilessly dunked upon by his opponent, John Fetterman, Pennsylvania’s Republican candidate for Senate, Mehmet Oz, spends his time being extremely creepy to women.

He once founded an app that can possibly track abortion patients (and that is still live today), and throughout his years in the public eye—in interviews, at campaign events, and of course in his years of hosting The Dr. Oz Show—he’s had a pattern of making sexual, highly uncomfortable comments to or about women, ranging from calling his wife “an animal” in bed, to describing his genitals in detail, to asking Martha Stewart point-blank, “What is sex like at your age?”

At this critical moment for abortion (and women’s rights in general), elections are vital to enacting legislation that protects our most basic rights and recognizes us as human fucking beings. Something tells me that a man obsessed with appraising other men’s wives’ hotness (a habit that bears a horrific resemblance to a previous president-slash-sexual-assaulter) and singling out women at his campaign events for their “smile” isn’t exactly going to be the champion we need—especially when Oz, after years of flip-flopping, is decidedly anti-abortion and has spent much of his life pushing harmful health myths.

Read on for further creepy comments from the Republican (and noted New Jersey resident) that Pennsylvania voters should keep in mind.

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