Drew Barrymore Learns a Powerful Lesson About Overcoming Wedgies

Drew Barrymore Learns a Powerful Lesson About Overcoming Wedgies

This week on The Drew Barrymore Show, Drew Barrymore revealed that she watches back her show after it tapes “just like an athlete would.” This is “not a love-myself fest,” but a constructive activity that allows her the opportunity to observe what needs adjustment and make changes accordingly. A recent takeaway is that what needs adjustment is her underwear.

“I keep walking around with a perpetual wedgie!” she lamented. “Every time I stand up, my pants are so far up my butt I can’t even believe it!” The source of the problem, she reported, was the G-strings she had been wearing. They’ve now been replaced with “granny panties.” Sometimes a back-to-basics approach is all it takes to solve a problem (one, incidentally, that I haven’t noticed in any of the 65+ episodes of this show that I have watched, but then I’m not exactly watching The Drew Barrymore Show for ass).

You might file this revelation in the category of “too much information,” but I think we can agree that Barrymore would call it “Drew much information” with a wink and a lisp. Other highlights in this week’s cut include Barrymore referring to herself as “Drew Merry-more” (it’s the holidays!) and laying in a dog bed alongside her golden retriever, asking Ross Matthews and Andrew Rannells if they can all sleep in a store one day when things go back to normal. Absolutely, that sounds completely normal!

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