Drew Barrymore's Film About Pregnancy and Cancer May Be Our New Beaches


If you’re a fan of either Drew Barrymore or Toni Collette—two of the most likable actresses in Hollywood—then I’m going to predict that Miss You Already is going to make you cry so hard you will break a sinus when either the charm gets to be too much to handle or, more likely, when a character dies unexpectedly.

Miss You Already, a classic “life is short, enjoy it” weepie, has cancer and pregnancy at the center of its storyline: Drew Barrymore’s character wants what Toni Collette’s character has—babies, etc—and then, just as she finally gets pregnant, Collette’s character gets cancer.

I’m predicting that Miss You Already could be the Beaches for our generation. Sure, no one will ever beat Bette Midler at emotionally manipulating an audience into squeezing every last tear out of their already overworked ducts, but this movie might come in at a close second. Especially if Barrymore’s character dies in childbirth and Collette has to take care of the baby while recovering from cancer. Or, maybe Barrymore loses the baby and then adopts Collette’s children when she dies of cancer. The tears are flowing already.

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