Dude Loses His Shit After Bachelorette Party Asks Him to Leave Bar

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A charming dispatch from the Oregon town of Wilsonville, just south of Portland: After a bachelorette party being held in the bar of a Holiday Inn (hm) asked the bartender to kick out a troublesome patron, said patron got very, very upset.

The patron in question is 27-year-old Siale Saili, and it’s not entirely clear what he was doing that so bothered the bachelorette party, but it’s safe to assume he was intoxicated and giving the ladies some unwanted attention. I say “intoxicated” because his reaction cannot possibly be that of a completely sober person: When the bartender asked him to leave, he started throwing chairsa completely reasonable approach if you’re out of your mind on something, or happen to be Chris Brown.

The result was thousands of dollars’ worth of damages and an eventual arrest. As you can see below, Saili really did not want to leave those ladies alone.

This is not what women typically mean when they talk about having a crazy bachelorette party.

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