Duh, Martha Stewart Carries Around Toilet Rags Just in Case


Meredith Vieira spoke to the Queen of Etiquette/Life Martha Stewart about her bathroom habits for a segment on her show called “Stall Talk.” Have a seat. You might learn something.

In the clip, Vieira starts off asking Stewart whether she sits or squats while using a public restroom. Stewart’s response: “Do I really have to answer that?” Vieira’s follow-up question is without a doubt the best way to ask Martha Stewart how Martha Stewart uses the bathroom: “Do you wipe off the commode before you use it?”

Yes, Martha, do you? “If I have to, I just use what I have in my bag,” says Stewart, a promo pro, while pulling out one of her own products. “Of course, I come prepared. Martha Stewart Cleaner, it’s the best bathroom cleaner. Here are a couple of rags, which I always carry in my bag.”

My colleague Kelly Faircloth said it best in our group chat: “Martha doesn’t park her regal ass on anything less than the best.”

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