Ed Sheeran's Terrible Chest Tattoo of a Lion Was Fake 


Remember that unfortunate, childlike, full color tattoo of a lion’s head that Ed Sheeran unwisely tattooed on his chest?

How could you forget?

Well, turns out it was a fake. HOW FUNNY IS THAT, GUYS?

The singer posted the above picture to his Instagram with the caption: “Was only joking about the lion.”


Because I hate myself, I’m now imagining that this “gotcha!” moment is actually just another trick wherein Ed covered his awful tattoo up with makeup and in a few weeks time, he’ll reveal that SURPRISE, THE TATTOO ACTUALLY WAS REAL. And that cycle of 8th grade behavior will continue on and on and on and on on until the end of time

Admittedly, Ed and I are trying to work things between us, but it’s exactly shit like this that I can point to when asked: “Well why don’t you like Ed Sheeran?” Because this. This is why.

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