Elizabeth Warren Tells Stephen Colbert She's 'Sure' She's Not Running for President 


Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, one of the few people who might actually make a good president, is definitely not running for president, she told Stephen Colbert Wednesday night. Fighting income inequality and corporate control of America is a full-time job, she said, in so many words, and one she’s kind of enjoying.

“Here we are, the richest country on earth, we have so much going for us,” she said. “And yet, we have a federal government that works great for millionaires, it works great for billionaires, it works great for giant corporations, for anybody who can hire an army of lobbyists, an army of lawyers, give lots of campaign money. For the rest of America, it’s just not working, and it’s time for us to take that government back.”

“Well, you don’t sound like you’re running for president, I’ll tell you that,” Colbert said dryly, as the audience cheered.

Warren talked about using a model pioneered after the Great Depression, when Wall Street was relentlessly investigated, audited and overseen to figure out the causes of the stock market crash and keep it from happening again, and the Works Progress Administration both repaired the nation’s infrastructure and put a whole lot of people to work.

“That’s when we built America’s great middle class,” Warren said. “We did it, and we did it together.”

Anyway, it’s not as fun as watching Donald Trump insist he loves women and call Hillary Clinton “shrill,” and yet it may just be slightly more important.

You can watch the full interview here, beginning at 24:25.

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