Ellie "Mrs. Secret" Goulding Drops Nutso Bombshell

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Ellie "Mrs. Secret" Goulding Drops Nutso Bombshell
Photo:John Phillips (Getty Images)

Hello! has put up a story about Julianne Hough’s latest beach photos… Us Weekly’s pumping a few drops out of its evergreen Jennifer Aniston well… Must be a slow day for celebrity nëws and gossíp!

Thank god there’s at least one bombshell the tabloids have dropped on us. According to People, Ellie Goulding is pregnant! But that’s not the bombshell I’m talking about. Just read this:

And more recently, the Grammy nominee, 34, revealed in an interview with The Telegraph why she waited until she was “30 weeks pregnant” to announce her news after finding out herself in August. “Just a few more weeks to go. And then I will be a mum… It still feels strange to say those words out loud,” the mom-to-be told the outlet.
“I needed time to get my head around it. Last year I released an album and I’d finished writing a book,” explained Goulding, who dropped her fourth studio album Brightest Blue in July 2020 and will be releasing her fitness guide Calmer, Fitter, Stronger in September.

A fitness guide! A fitness guide? Is that her thing?? How long has that been her thing???? To paraphrase Mariah Carey, I thought she sang or whatever.

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