Empowerment: It's All About Eye-Gouging And Striptease!

We’re not sure whether the “Stiletto Spy School” sounds like heaven or hell.

The “Stiletto Spy School,” which started as a week-long retreat in Vegas and now operates as a one-day empowerment workshop in New York, is about, as one of the instructors puts it, “empowerment and fantasy.” Which part is which is hard to say: the class covers some basic self-defense, plus gouging out an enemy’s eyeball, Texas hold ’em, and burlesque strip-tease – all taught by “top experts” in the respective fields. The attendees have come from near and far (okay, Boston and D.C.) for the Bond Girl treatment and according to the article’s author, emerge suitably empowered and uninhibited. Pulling an ‘Alias’ don’t come cheap, of course: at $395 a day, it’s no wonder that a lot of these women regard the course as a special treat. And if poker, stripping and combat don’t exactly add up to your idea of bliss, well, obviously plenty of women disagree.

The course did get us thinking, though, about the expensive day-long superhero courses we’d like to see: tap, confectionery and archery would be more to my taste. Or, say, millinery, target practice and throwing back a drink. If, on the other hand, anyone feels like ponying up for one-liners and bitch-slapping-an-insolent-lout 101, I’m available.
Stiletto Spy School is a day of female Bonding [NYDN]

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