Enabling Mom Throws Sugar-Addicted Child Elaborate, 'Candy Fantasy' Preschool Graduation Party


Derek, 5, has just graduated from preschool
and his mother Donna wants to throw the most decadent and expensive candy-themed party ever — Derek’s addiction to sweets be damned! Though her son clearly has an affinity for the sugary stuff, through the season premiere episode of TLC’s Outrageous Kid Parties made it clear who the party was really for: Donna.

She spent $850 on a makeup artist for herself and dressed like “Willy Wonka’s mother,” which is cute and all, but lady: it’s not your party. But don’t worry, Derek dressed up for the fiesta as well: after being brought out on the shoulders of matching “Oompa Loompas,” he danced around to the custom song his mother had created for his birthday party ($1,500). Some of the parents whose children had been invited (and family members, for that matter) complained of how overly extravagant the party was, but were mostly pissed off about how insanely sugar-high their kids got. And with good reason! Donna spent over $1K on candy alone and by the way those kids were running around, we figure they were all high as a kite off of Skittles. (And we all know Skittles are a gateway drug.)

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