Eric Adams Just Wants to Party All the Time

The 61-year-old mayor of NYC can't stop, won't stop schmoozing with A-listers while he's supposed to be running the biggest city in the country.

Eric Adams Just Wants to Party All the Time
Image:Noam Galai / Stringer (Getty Images)

There are a lot of useful things Mayor Eric Adams could be doing with the salary New Yorkers are paying him—like, I dunno, helping out the city’s homeless population. But NYC appears to be in the hands right now of a die-hard reveler who’s just making up for lost time, rubbing elbows with celebs and living his best life at the club.

According to Page Six, the 61-year-old former cop was out this week, again, doing what he does best: socializing with a group of A-listers until the wee hours of the morning. This time, it was an afterparty to celebrate the Jennifer Lopez’s new documentary, Halftime. Apparently, “the mayor who never sleeps” made his entrance just before the clock struck midnight—just in time to hobnob with rapper French Montana, Ryan Seacrest and the first couple of Real Housewives of New Jersey, Joe and Melissa Gorga.

Yes, Mayor “Bing Bong” Adams has build quite the reputation as NYC’s biggest party boy. Not too long ago, Adam was in the City of Angels holding court with the industry’s best at a hush-hush dinner in his honor at the swanky San Vicente Bungalows, hosted by CAA super agent Cade Hudson. The guest list boasted an array of big names, including, Kate Hudson and her mom Goldie Hawn, sports agent and Adele’s main squeeze, Rich Paul, and hotelier Jeff Klein, to name a few.

And back in March, a viral clip showing Adams standing next to model Cara Delevingne at what appeared to be a high-tempo event in NYC, recognizing Well Fargo’s new deal with Bilt Rewards, got lots of attention from puzzled viewers questioning how someone could look so out of place and not realize it.

And the ethos is bleeding into his lawmaking, of course. Last week, as Jezebel’s Emily Leibert wrote:

The New York Times reported that Adams had proposed changes to zoning laws that would aid in “New York City’s recovery” by enabling more nightlife venues to allow…dancing. In 2017, the city struck down its 1926 Cabaret Law, which made it illegal for party hoppers to dance or sing at establishments that did not have an appropriate license. But apparently, some zoning laws still on the books left some venues (though he did not specify which) unable to host dancing, so the Broccoli Mayor punted it up his list of priorities right next to “LOTS MORE POLICE,” and declared with authority to the great city of New York: “Let the people dance.” Dancing is also high on my list of priorities, but I’m a nihilistic twenty-something trying to rid myself of generalized doom, and not, you know, the mayor of fucking New York?

Adams has also been insistent on berating NYC workers who’ve been to hell and back in the pandemic for daring to be cautious about returning to the offices, because—you guessed it—he’s spied us all at the club! The “Party Mayor” gave an enraging speech at the Democratic Committee’s Nominating Convention earlier this year in which he declared, “New Yorkers, it’s time to get back to work,” adding, “You can’t tell me you’re afraid of covid on Monday, and I see you in a nightclub on Sunday.”

No, Mr. Mayor, you did not see me at the nightclub. That was probably Cara Delevingne, who does not have to sit in a cubicle every day. Put down the martini for once and try to give a shit about the normal people in this city who, for whatever reason, elected you.

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