Erin Andrews: "It's Not Over. It's Not Going To Be Over"


Erin Andrews, the ESPN reporter who was stalked and videotaped naked, appeared on GMA this morning to discuss the sentencing of her stalker (he got 30 months). Andrews admits she had a “meltdown” at the courthouse:

I did nothing wrong. The hardest thing is that I still have to say that to people… I still had to say that yesterday on the court steps — you know, ‘How can you do this?’ ‘How did you feel it was OK to go on with your life?’ You turn the tables on them and say, ‘Because what did I do? What did I do wrong?’

As for those who suggested she deserved it, Andrews responds:

When I heard that 16 other people were involved, I wondered what those people that made those comments must think. Did those 16 other women deserve it as well? Were they ‘playing to a certain crowd’ as well?

Erin Andrews: "Meltdown" After Stalker Sentenced [ABC News]

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