Evan Rachel Wood & Marilyn Manson Split

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  • Evan Rachel Wood and Marilyn Manson have reportedly broken off their engagement, eight months after he proposed on stage in Paris.
  • This is their second break up; After dating for two years, they split in 2008, then they reunited in 2009 even though he beat and murdered her look-alike in a music video. Marilyn dealt with the split by clubbing over the weekend. “He needed a night out with friends,” says a source. [People]
  • Dr. Frank Ryan, the plastic surgeon who performed 10 procedures on Heidi Montag in one day, died in a car crash yesterday. His Jeep went off the side of the Pacific Coast Highway minutes after he Tweeted, “After 25 years of driving by, I finally hiked to the top of the giant sand dune on the pch west of Malibu. Much harder than it looks! Whew!” He also sent out a photo of his dog, who survived the crash. [TMZ]
  • Heidi Tweeted, “I am devastated to hear the news of Dr. Frank Ryan‘s death. He was the most amazing person I have ever known… He was an angel and changed my life and the lives of everyone he met. He was the most brilliant talented surgeon who will ever exist. Dr. Frank Ryan changed the world.” [TMZ]
  • Spencer and Heidi‘s friend “Cougar Zank” says, “Spencer called her this morning. Heidi was crying but she talked to him, Spencer was nice and he talked her down.” [Radar]
  • Dr. Ryan‘s cause of death was “blunt force head injuries.” [TMZ]
  • Here are some shots of Mel Gibson‘s wrecked Maserati: [TMZ]
  • Edward Furlong‘s ex-wife has obtained a restraining order against him after he left her voice mails that are arguably worse than Mel Gibson‘s rants. According to court documents, he said he’d “rip [her boyfriend’s] fucking heart out and feed it to him… you see if you like him still when his fucking little pretty face is all deformed.” [TMZ]
  • A judge has thrown out Devon James‘ paternity suit against Tiger Woods. [TMZ]
  • Erykah Badu has paid a $500 fine and will serve six months of probation for filming a nude scene at Dealey Plaza in Dallas for her video “Window Seat.” [AP]
  • Fantasia Barrino is out promoting her album again just a week after her alleged suicide attempt. She said in a statement, “can’t thank my fans enough for their prayers and support during such a challenging time.” [AP]
  • The Daily Mail is condemning Emma Thompson for saying that she wants to pull her 10-year-old daughter Gaia out of school for a year between primary and secondary school to “give her a break from education and show her the world a bit and take a break myself.” [Daily Mail]
  • Nadya Suleman has written a book about raising her 14 kids, but she can’t find a publisher. [Perez]
  • David Bowie (or whoever posts on his website) would like you to know that, “The suggestion that David Bowie is producing and participating in the production of Lady Gaga‘s next album is untrue and a hoax.” [E!]
  • According to papers Sherri Shepherd filed in her divorce, she makes $54,767 a month for working only 16 hours a week on The View. [Perez]
  • Sherri is replacing Carnie Wilson as host of The Newlywed Game on the Game Show Network. [Perez]
  • The unlicensed driving charges against Ice-T have been dropped. After the judge read his ruling, Ice-T called out, “That’s what I’m talking about – dismissed!” [AP]
  • Jenny McCarthy has revealed the identity of the “mystery man” she Tweeted about: His name is Jason Tooney and they’ve been dating for two months. [People]
  • The IRS has filed at $63,487 tax lien against Naomi Campbell for failing to pay her taxes in 2009. [Radar]
  • Snooki‘s new boyfriend Jeff Miranda says, “Nicole is actually really cute and seems like a cool ass person, even though she’s drunk most of the time. She’s a real sweet girl.” [Us]
  • James Cameron says of restoring the Avatar sex scene for the film’s rerelease, “You know, we got an interesting reaction from a test audience to that moment. Maybe it was because it wasn’t finished, but I always felt that it was a good moment, so I wanted to put it back in. I mean, what have I got to lose? The film’s already a big hit. I think it’s actually an illumination of the Na’vi way: There’s a Na’vi way for everything, including making love. Of course, I just want to be clear for the record that it’s only an additional twenty seconds. The ‘horizontal bop’ part of it still takes place off camera after the dissolve.” [N.Y. Mag]
  • Angelina Jolie says when her kids visited her on the set of Salt, “I’d let them [use] blood. So we play together, they try on my wigs, they play with the blood. They know it’s all silly! They test the harnesses and we have them flying around. They know what it is.” Insert your own Billy Bob Thornton joke! [Perez]
  • Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky says of the rumors about her salacious past, “Somebody can be paid to say ‘Oh, I think she did this’ or ‘I have this dirt on her’. They can say it and they know they’re going to get paid or get their name in a magazine, so you can’t take it too seriously. At the beginning, I sort of did feed into it a little bit and let it bother me, but the great thing about Roberto is that he always says ‘Who cares, babe? It’s just us. It’s just about us. None of that stuff matters.” [E!]
  • Jessica Simpson told the British magazine Closer, “I have a white girl booty. I don’t have a big butt. I’d rather have a happy medium and take some off my chest and put it towards my butt so I could balance out a bit.” [E!]
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