Evangelical Blowhard Dinesh D'Souza Seen Checking Into Hotel With Lady Who Was Not His Wife


As is the case with many an evangelical talking head, Dinesh D’Souza was recently caught with his hand up a temptresses’ apple tree. The noted conspiracy theorist is very familiar with casting derision on other’s life choices — please see: everything he’s ever written, said, or thought about President Obama — but when it comes to his own life choices, perhaps it is time for him to bust out a mirror and check himself.

D’Souza was recently seen checking into a hotel room with a woman who he claimed was his fiancée. That would be all fine and dandy — although it wouldn’t really, seeing as he’s ultra conservative and they’re not married — but there’s also the unfortunate fact that D’Souza is married. He was all, “Bu-bu-bu-I-I-uh look over there! Obama is chasing his father’s ghost!”

Actually, no, nothing that awesome happened, instead he just lied:

Although Mr. D’Souza said at the time that he had “recently” filed for divorce from Dixie, his wife of 20 years, in fact, court records show that he filed for divorce after the conference.

But then, when the board at The King’s College — the Protestant evangelical institution where he serves as president — questioned him about his fiancée, he decided to suspend the engagement. Oops!

It’s easy to laugh off D’Souza as being the total ridiculous jerk that he is, but the scary fact is, 2016 Obama’s America was the 4th highest-grossing documentary film of all time. A man who propels himself into the spotlight on the back of unfounded half-truths and blatant lies should probably think twice before acting anything but saintly. Of course, those holier-than-thou idiots are always the ones who screw up the most, God love ‘em for it.

Image via jozefczyk7 Flickr.

Dinesh D’Souza Shared a Hotel Room With a Woman Who Was Not Mrs. D’Souza [The New York Observer]

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